Bachelor of Science in Accountancy


“Be a Business Expert. Be a CPA”

The most lucrative companies in the Philippines and in the world wants the most proficient and brilliant accountants. Lorma Colleges will prepare you to become that professional.

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy is a 4-year program that wholly prepares students into various opportunities in public practice, commerce and industry, academe and government services. The program includes in depth teaching in accounting theories and practices, auditing, economics, management, tax and corporate laws, finance with information technology concepts and related applications.

The curriculum, as a supplement, provides on the job training, leadership seminars, company visit and enhancement programs for more comprehension of business process structure and issues.

Graduates through the program are geared up to pass the licensure examination and other related certifications embodied in the ideals of social responsibility and Christian values. The school’s affiliation to various business establishments in the region and in Manila expands the abilities of the graduates to learn the financial hurdles of accountancy and at the same time allowing them the chance to be employed in the industry’s biggest names.

This course is under the College of Management and Accountancy.

Note: For inquiries, questions, suggestions, and other matters regarding this course, please use our feedback form that can be found on top of this page and set the Concern to `College of Management and Accountancy`. Thank you.

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