Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Competency-based – the principle which qualifies students will be the performance of desired behaviors when given the opportunities to practice such behaviors.

Community-centered – throughout the 4-year program, teaching-learning principles revolve around the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and rehabilitation of clients which is primarily focused in the community, where community is a client.

The development of the BSN Curriculum is affected by many factors such as:

  1. Availability of health
  2. Health problems
  3. Local, political, social & economic circumstances
  4. Legislation affecting practice and professional standards

Considering the above factors, professional competencies are identified which serve as the basis of the desired competencies of students duly defined in specific performance terms. These competencies are strong foundation with pre-requisite knowledge, skills and attitude in the performance of such behaviors.

Academic Guidelines
Clinical Guidelines
Course Description
Course Curriculum
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