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We envision LORMA COLLEGES as an excellent Christian educational institution with a global perspective – emphasizing
professional quality, Christian values, and leadership skills relevant to national development.

The History of Lorma

Founded in 1970 by its first director Dr. Rufino L. Macagba Jr., the school was initially established to fill the need for a nursing school in support of the fast expanding then Lorma Hospital (now Lorma Medical Center). He pushed forth this vision and endeavor through the encouragement of the LORMA founders who were both doctor-educators Dr. Rufino N. Macagba Sr. and Dr. Crispina Lorenzana-Macagba.

School Logo and Seal

The Lorma Colleges school emblem is represented by a large backdrop of the letters L and C which connotes the school’s name. Defining the circumspect of the letter C are the institution’s core values of Leadership, Knowledge, Skills and Christian Values.


To achieve quality education, stability and strength, relevant to national needs and development of the total person for God, Country and People.

The Lorma Colleges Hymn

The Lorma Hymn reflects the principles guiding the institution in providing the best education there is for students in the Region. Words and Music were composed by Stanley Kurtz with arrangement done by Dr. E.O. Sarmiento, MD.

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