Community Extension

The Vision and Mission

The Integrated Outreach Community Program is committed to provide actual service for the benefit of the poor people in the community thus facilitating a more dynamic learning and linkage of the school and community. The program provides opportunities for actual involvement in the community development programs and activities that will help the people attain their fullest potentials as self reliant individuals.

Lorma Colleges Integrated Outreach Community Program

LORMA COLLEGES finds it imperative that it’s educational processes give attention to the development of awareness and consciousness of needs/ problems that characterize our society and people.The Integrated Outreach Community Program then becomes a necessary instrument for the linkage of school and community, of the theories and facts, of the classroom and social reality.

Lorma Institutional Projects in the Province

The Integrated Outreach Community Program of Lorma Colleges includes the dedicated faculty members and staff from the different colleges and departments in the campus in reaching out to impoverished and underserved communities in the province. Many of these areas have long been recipients to Lorma’s continuing community extension program since 2003.

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