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Top 3 Performing Schools Nationwide
We outstand to keep the world the most wonderful place to breathe in and out! Hail to our Newly Certified Respiratory Therapists and their mentors! #TopPerformingSchools #Nationwide #LeadershipStartsHere #proudLormanians
2018 Best Philippine Schools: Top 8 – Radiologic Technology
We claim our commitment to being the big change the world of health and technology needs! It is a blessing to be renowned for it! #ProudLormanians #CollegeOfRadiologicTechnology
Congratulations to our Newly Registered Pharmacists!
The fail-proof prescription of success is the determination to prevail over one’s weaknesses through a show of faith and optimism. To our new Pharmacists and their mentors, our proud salute to your well-deserved accomplishment! #RegisteredPharmacists #RPh#proudLormanians #LeadershipStartsHere
Congratulations to our Radiologic Technologists Topnotcher’s Batch 2017
Our winning character is a product of a receptive mindset. Congratulations to our graduate achievers and to the Lorma College of Radiologic Technology for another recognition cinched! #GlobalProfessionals #ProudLormanians #LeadershipStartsHere
Congratulations to our Newly Registered Respiratory Therapists
The unstoppable power of the life-giving department rages on! Congratulations to our very own College of Respiratory Therapy for your year-after-year rated A clinches. Thank you for making Lorma Colleges still the force to reckon with in the field of educating to lead!
Congratulations to our Newly Registered Medical Laboratory Scientists
Proving their mettle in one of the most engaging determinants of their career take-off,our new medical technologists are now in the forefront of success. Congratulations to you all who made it ! Overall Passing Rate:80%,First Takers 75% and 2nd Takers 100%
Learn Basic German Language
Speaking Tongues? Grab the Gab opportunity now! Learn the Basic German A1 Language for a short term of 14 weeks! Limited Slots Available for classes starting September,2017! For details ,please contact Mr. Buccat at the Lorma Colleges International Office at 072 700 2500 local 361. Enroll now!