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Lorma Colleges – Summer Graduation Live!
Watch the Summer Graduation at #proudlormanian #lcgraduation #happylormanian #lcgraduationlive
Lorma Las Vegas Reunion
Our first grand gathering in the vibrant Vegas is happening in October! Read on for the details and pass on the info to all our brothers and sisters in the Lorma family who are within your reach.Let us,for future endeavors, connect and collect memories together. For details,please contact any one of the following members of our organizing committee: Josie Rodriguez Serrano,1974  E: P: 604 926 6256 Palmarine Cubar Adams,1977 E: P: 909 561 1994 Elena Lodia Macagba,1973 E: P: 626 475 9123
The 1st Lorma Colleges Academic Achievers Recognition Luncheon happened on Friday, June 17, 2016. This is the start of an annual celebration which aims to recognize the exemplary performance of Lormanian achievers.
Lorma Privilege Card
All Lormanians Alumni, Students, and Employees are eligible to avail of the Lorma Privilege Card
Milo Little Olympics – North and Central Luzon Eliminations
The list of achievements attained by the Lorma Grade School and High School from the Milo Little Olympics - North and Central Luzon that was held at Baguio City last September 4, 2015 to September 6, 2015.
General Orientation Live!
Welcome Lormanians! You may watch the livestream here of the General Orientation.
51st Capping, Badging and Candlelighting Ceremonies Live!
Theme: "Filipino Nurses Responding to the Demands and Challenges of Health Care in ASEAN Integration 2015" July 30, 2015 @ 4:00 P.M. Lorma Colleges, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union