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Congratulations Mr. Darren Neil C. Cabrera!
The heart that cares never loses its sense of being-for-others most gently for the unwell.Congratulations to another Lormanian pride who has proven that surviving the perils of CANCER becomes thriving TOUGH to win when the battle of one becomes that fought by all!
State of the School Address
August 31,2017: For forty-seven years,Lorma Colleges have seeded and yielded, permeating the lives of its legacy recipients.Today and onwards, it committedly fulfills its pledge of excellence, moral regeneration, servant leadership and social upliftment. To appraise its personnel and to invigorate them towards institutional plans for overall development, the annual State of the Director’s Address is observed. This year, SOSA centers on gists of “Lorma Today and Lorma Tomorrow”. In the speech delivered by Executive Director Dr.Jose P. Mainggang, he proudly cited the following milestones of the Lorma family: As Lorma will be celebrating its golden anniversary in 2020,Dr.Jose shared the strong aspiration for the institution’s Autonomy Status by then and that the twin keystones for this realization are TEAMWORK and HARD WORK.Concomitant goals he stressed on were program and institutional accreditation,Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA),Center of Excellence status of IT, increased faculty research publications,write-ups on success stories of outreach programs,Alumni Tracer ...
Fully Residential Schools International Symposium
Event: Fully Residential Schools International Symposium Participants: 69 Senior High Schools in Malaysia and 10 schools from Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Viet Nam, Indonesia and Philippines Date: July 28- August 01, 2017 Venue: Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, Putrajaya, Malaysia – Participated by one team from Lorma Colleges Senior High School and two teams from the Special Science High School with four member for each teams. – Lorma Basic Education Schools is the only educational institution who garnered 3 Golds in the history of the competition. – Marie Andersen Badua and Hanna Nicole Ramos were chosen as the team speaker who won 1 st place during the presentation of their excursions. – Maurin Jam Paulete Marron was chosen as the official representative of the international delegates during the meeting with the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretary last July 31, 2017. List of Participants: Research Topic: Browsing the Filipino interpretation of digital ...
Radiologic Technology Board Exams Topnotchers 2017
Our beacon of excellence radiates once more as the College of Radiologic Technology earns the undisputed honor of siezing the Top 5 and Top 7 slots in the recently conducted RT Board Exams 2017. Our topnotchers are Jesrael Panduyon (top 5) and Camille Frigillana (top 7).Our commendable passing rate of 75% secures us the position of still being one of the leading RT Education Centers of the North! Congratulations to all our board passers, parents and the Lorma faculty!
Lorma Colleges – Summer Graduation Live!
Watch the Summer Graduation at #proudlormanian #lcgraduation #happylormanian #lcgraduationlive
Lorma Las Vegas Reunion
Our first grand gathering in the vibrant Vegas is happening in October! Read on for the details and pass on the info to all our brothers and sisters in the Lorma family who are within your reach.Let us,for future endeavors, connect and collect memories together. For details,please contact any one of the following members of our organizing committee: Josie Rodriguez Serrano,1974  E: P: 604 926 6256 Palmarine Cubar Adams,1977 E: P: 909 561 1994 Elena Lodia Macagba,1973 E: P: 626 475 9123
The 1st Lorma Colleges Academic Achievers Recognition Luncheon happened on Friday, June 17, 2016. This is the start of an annual celebration which aims to recognize the exemplary performance of Lormanian achievers.