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Nigerian universities, Lorma ink MOA on transfer degree programs
FOREIGN TIES. Nigerian student Oluwatobi Dada, College Director Dr. Jose Mainggang, Rev'd Royalson Obiukwu and Atty. Michael Nebrija strengthen global education linkages during the MOA signing of TUN, ESAS and Lorma Colleges.

Photo Courtesy Marketing Department

29 Bangladeshi nurses undergo special course in Lorma
LORMA SMILE. This group of Bangladeshi nurses beam their own version of the Lorma smile as they hurriedly go back to their classes for specialized and advanced nursing courses.

Photo by Thomass Nicolo Lopez

New Registered Nurses
Nursing : Level III Re-accreditation Status
Lorma Colleges is a member of Microsoft IT Academy
New Registered Radiologic Technologists
Congratulations to BSN Ladderized for 100% passing the TESDA NCII Caregiving & Health Servicing.