The Library and Internet Room

Fast forward to an innovation which brings Lormanians into an accomplished reading culture, the Lorma Multimedia Library provides the perfect tools to 21st century education and the most exceptional way of spending those extra hours in campus.

The Guidance Office

With personalized student wellness facilitators, the Guidance and Counseling Program focuses on helping Lormanians achieve full academic potentials and positively deal with the demands in collegiate life.

Student Affairs Office

The Office of the Student Affairs is headed by Mrs. Melba C. Ano and is coordinated with Mr. Noel Sumingwa in overseeing activities conducted by clubs, student body organizations, advisers as well as officers and members of the said group.

Research and Faculty Development

Vision LORMA COLLEGES as the hub of research excellence equipped with the capacity to strategically leverage its intellectual assets, knowledge resources and ICT infrastructure to pro-actively respond to the needs of the ever-changing landscape of the institutional, regional, national, and global environments, imbued with the social responsibility of developing and nurturing human and community potentials. …

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