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The College of Arts and Sciences offers general Education subjects and fields of specialization in Psychology, Family Counseling, Clinical Counseling, Human Resource Development, Parenting and Child Rearing. The courses you can enroll under the College of Arts and Sciences are BA in Secondary Education, BA in Psychology, and BA in Library Information Science.


We envision the College of Arts and Sciences as a center of scientific and technological research acting as a catalyst in producing quality graduates equipped with Christian values, knowledge and abilities utilizing a curriculum relevant to their field of specialization.


To provide an educational training using technology that would cater to the needs of the students recognizing individual differences, cultural backgrounds, values, practices and beliefs that would make them productive and successful in all undertakings as to become essential in the society where they belong.

Admission Policies:
Enrollment Requirements & Procedures:

  • To provide for a general education that will assist each individual in the peculiar ecology of his own society. In order for an Individual to attain his potentials as a human being and group participation which is the basic foundation of his development making him a productive and versatile.
  • To attain the nation’s manpower in the middle level skills required for national development.
  • To develop the professions that will provide leadership for the nation in the advancement of knowledge and for improving the quality of human life.
  • To respond effectively to the changing needs and conditions of the nation through a system of educational planning and evaluation.
  • To make the individual to be conscious of the Almighty God and His Power and Authority over the lives and affairs of men and nations.
Faculty Profile

Headed by Dr. Amelia N. Vicente, Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the CAS faculty is composed of a proficient team of experts specializing in their respective field of expertise.

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