College of Computer Studies and Engineering



To be the Center of Excellence in Information Technology Education.


To offer Quality Information Technology Education by providing relevant knowledge, and skills to prepare our graduates to address the demands of a knowledge-based society and industry of the 21st century both locally and globally.

The College of Computer Studies and Engineering is currently offering BS in Computer Science, BS in Computer Engineering, and BS in Information Technology.

Admission Policies:
Enrollment Requirements & Procedures:

Philosophy and Objectives

It is our obligation to be an academic institution that is innovative and skilled in creating, acquiring and transferring values, competence, knowledge, skills and proficiency to our students as key to their success in their chosen fields.


To continually address the need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals and Computer Engineers to contribute for progress not only nationally but also globally, the college has the following objectives:

  1. To equip students with skills and to provide them with experiences necessary to be able to work successfully in today’s sophisticated computing environments.
  2. To develop students to become well-rounded and responsible ICT professionals and Computer Engineers with strong moral values.
  3. To develop students to apply their acquired skills and experiences in the industry, government, business and academic institutions with devotion to duty.
  4. To prepare students to enter graduate school in ICT or a cognate field.
CCSE-LogoThe College of Computer Studies and Engineering of Lorma Colleges Logo epitomizes the vision, mission and objectives of the department and the School.

The laptop on top of the globe symbolizes the role of Information and Computing Technology (ICT) in all aspects in everyday living. The frequency on the screen marks the state of ICT of Lorma Colleges.

The cross depicts the globally competitive graduates with Christian values. The olive leaf represents the wisdom bestowed to the students in answer to their ever-burning zeal to conquer knowledge. The CODE in IT is inscribed on the tower, the engineering symbol, Lorma being the “Center of Development for Excellence in IT Education in Region I”

The CD fronting the tower’s base is an icon representing the capabilities of the department in multimedia advancements and other innovations in this technology. The USB port and the satellite disk represents the versatility of the department and its active networking with business industries, government and with the local and foreign academic institutions.

The student emerging at the bottom is transformed as a matured professional equipped with skills and knowledge ready to face the world with all its challenges. The supercomputer circuit stands for the status received by Lorma as the country’s first entry in the international list of created supercomputers.

The CCSE logo shines depicting quality education given by the department, a truly CODE in IT Education in Region I.

Artist Jan Erich V. Calderon, BSIT 2004
Description by ABN

Mr. Allan Lao
Dean of the College of Computer Studies and Engineering
  • Three Air-conditioned Computer Laboratory Rooms (1:1 student-computer ratio)
  • One Dedicated Lecture Room with air-condition
  • One Dedicated Lecture/Laboratory Room for Engineering
  • One Dedicated Drawing Room equipped with the standard drawing tables and Engineering Tools and Equipment
  • Multi-media equipment and projector screens
  • Computer Units for CCSE faculty with internet capability
Department’s Certificates

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