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The College of Medical Laboratory Sciences offers BS in Medical Laboratory Science.

Admission Policies:
Enrollment Requirements & Procedures:

“Awarded as the MOST OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT two years in a row”
(SY: 2001-02 & 2002-03)

What is Medical Technology?
MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY is a branch of Medicine concerned with the performance of laboratory test procedures and analysis used in the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of disease, and the maintenance of health.

It is a four-year course that develops and trains future laboratory personnel with the use of modern equipment and performance of scientific techniques, aims in providing medical data that the physician can use in assessing the clinical diagnosis of the patient.

Department Objectives

  • Help the students acquire and develop skill, knowledge and attitude in their chosen career.
  • To be able to contribute to the overall social, mental and physical health of the community and country.
  • Provide students with skill in scientific research methods and processes.
  • Train and develop the student’s proficiency in instrumentation and laboratory diagnostic methodology that will aid the physician in the diagnosis and treatment of a particular disease.
  • To inculcate among the students the values of honor, honesty, service, dignity of labor, love of country and fellowmen and an abiding faith in God.

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Affiliated Medical Institutions
Lorma Medical Center, San Fernando City (La Union)

Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center, San Fernando City (La Union)

Pangasinan Medical Center, Dagupan City

Clinical Guidelines
Protocols and guidelines must certainly be adhered to by the students during their clinical internship in the affiliated hospitals – Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center and Lorma Medical Center. This is to ensure a comprehensive and strict compliance of the clinical program set by the College of Medical Laboratory Science.

Download Policies and Guidelines for MedTech Interns

Internship Program

The Orientation Program is designed for incoming fourth year Medical Technology students who have satisfactorily completed the academic requirements of the first three (3) years of Medical Technology education. This activity is aimed at preparing the students for actual application of laboratory procedures during their first and second-term internship in two (2) hospitals.

The Orientation Program for incoming interns is a three-week long activity consists of the following:

  1. Undergoing medical and physical examination to determine the health fitness of the student;
  2. compilation of important laboratory procedures;
  3. actual performance of routine laboratory tests and procedures;
  4. observation at Lorma Medical Center laboratory and at Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center; and
  5. administration of diagnostic examination in all the ten (10) professional subjects.

To prepare the students for the internship program by providing them the necessary skills in the performance of the different laboratory procedures and making them aware of the Colleges Internship Policy.

At the end of the program, 100% of the students should be able:

  1. to undergo medical and physical examination to assess their health fitness;
  2. to compile all the laboratory procedures to be used as reference by the student;
  3. to perform the routine laboratory tests in Blood Banking, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Microscopy, Hematology, Histopathology/Cytology, Parasitology and Serology and Immunology.
  4. to observe at the Lorma Medical Center laboratory and at Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center; and
  5. to take the diagnostic examination to assess the scope of students knowledge in all the professional subjects.
  6. to make themselves aware of the rules and regulations of the hospital affiliates and the Lorma Colleges Internship Policy for Medical Technology Interns.
Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics
As I enter the practice of Medical Technology, I shall:

  • Accept the responsibilities inherent to being a professional.
  • Uphold the law and shall not participate in illegal works.
  • Act in the spirit of fairness to all and in the spirit of brotherhood toward other members of the profession.
  • Accept employment from more than one employer only when there is no conflict of interest.
  • Perform my task with full confidence, absolute reliability and accuracy.
  • Share my knowledge and expertise with my colleagues.
  • Contribute to the advancement to the professional organization and other allied health organizations
  • Restrict my praises, criticisms, views, and opinions within constructive limits.
  • Treat any information I acquired in the course of my work as strictly confidential.
  • Uphold the dignity and respect of my profession and conduct myself a reputation of reliability, honesty and integrity.
  • Be dedicated to the use of clinical laboratory science to promote life and benefit of mankind.
  • Report any violations of the above principles of the professional conduct to authorized agency and to the ethics committee of the organization.
  • To these principles, I hereby subscribe and pledge to conduct myself at all times in manner befitting the dignity of my profession.

Revised Code of Ethics, March 7, 1997 PAMET Office, Makati Philippines

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