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College of Pharmacy


The College of Pharmacy offers BS in Pharmacy.

Admission Policies:
Enrollment Requirements & Procedures:

Vision, Mission, and Objectives

The College of Pharmacy envisions to be the source of future Pharmacists equipped with the knowledge, competency and skills to be competitive world wide in the delivery of pharmaceutical care.


The College of Pharmacy is committed to prepare the students with knowledge, competency and skills to be Christian – inspired, quality driven and service oriented professionals in the delivery of pharmaceutical care.


The College aims:

  1. To develop the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies as future professionals in the pharmaceutical care.
  2. To provide experience in integrating and applying pharmaceutical, biomedical and clinical knowledge to the different areas of pharmacy.
  3. To train the students in conducting research using available resources which are significant to the community and around the world.
  4. To inculcate values and beliefs as Christians in the practice of the pharmacy profession.

Rx on the “stem of the cup” stands for “recipe” meaning “you take…”

The goblet with the snake is called the CUP of Hygeia…an old symbol of Pharmacy before it was replaced by the newer version of the plain Rx.

The snake is shaped LC for Lorma Colleges.

Pharmacy 2015