College of Physical and Respiratory Therapy

The College of Physical and Respiratory Therapy offers BS in Physical Therapy and BS in Respiratory Therapy.

Admission Policies:
Enrollment Requirements & Procedures:

Physical Therapy – Overview

Onwards to productivity despite disability through Physical Therapy.

The Lorma College of Physical Therapy, though one of the youngest in the family of Lorma, has become and continuous to be one of their pillars. It is the only Physical Therapy school in the province of La Union that produces competative graduates both here and abroad.

It provides the latest teaching techniques wherein lectures are given by the best facilitators that Lorma can offer, with a wide range of topics which includes Anatomy, Physiology, Therapeutic exercises & other major subjects. Proper handling and training on PT equipments are provides for students to enhance their skills as future therapists; moreover our hospital base (Lorma Medical Center) are equipped with brilliant PT staff as well as PT and Rehabilitation modalities and other apparatus, that is necessary for hospital based training of the students. Internet access is also provided for almost 20 hours a day, 7 days a week for research purposes and also for entertainment & leisure.

The College offers a five-year degree Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy which is duly recognized by government and PT organizations. The last year of which includes a ten month affiliation, where the students are deployed to reputable hospitals/clinics with in the Luzon area. The faculty and staff are composed of highly competent physicians and board registered physical therapists. The curriculum and syllabi are continuously reviewed and updated to meet the needs of students. Computer subjects are also incorporated in the curriculum to prepare students in the computer world.

Physical Therapy – Brief History
Brief History

In 1991, the department of physical therapy was added to the courses offered at Lorma Colleges in response to the growing need of allied medical sciences. It was fully recognized by the Commission on Higher Education on 1996. The college is also a member of the Association of Philippine Physical and Occupational Therapy Schools (APPTOTS). Albeit with dwindling enrollment, the college boast of a roster of distinguished faculty, comprehensive academic program and more than sufficient learning facilities and recently, our board passing rate surpassed the national passing rate.

Physical Therapy – Vision, Mission, Philosophy, and Objectives

The College of Physical Therapy envisions itself to be a center of excellence providing quality instructions and effective training that will produce dynamic and competent graduates with commitment to God, Country and Fellowmen.


The College of Physical Therapy aims to develop in its graduates the aptitude of learning, the awareness of the need of their services to the Filipino people and the receptiveness to the changing needs of their profession to the country and to the International setting imbued with Christian values.


The college of Physical Therapy adhering to the Lorma Colleges philosophy, Vision and Mission accepts its essential role in enhancing relevant and responsive education in the field of physical therapy believing that this will ensue into a competent and knowledgeable individual imbued with Christian values.

  1. To produce graduates with comprehensive knowledge and skills for the care of the individuals with disability or handicap.
  2. To develop graduates with caring attitudes and Christian values in affirming their commitment of service to the community and country.
  3. To produce graduates who apply their knowledge and skills in the advancement of their profession through research, continuing education and clinical practice.
  4. To promote awareness of the community of health care services provided by physical therapist in the promotion of the well being of a physically impaired individual.
  5. To produce graduates who would be competent globally.
Physical Therapy – Hospital Affiliations
La Union
Community Rehab Center(Tagudin)

Saint Louis University -SHH
Baguio General Hospital
Benguet General Hospital

Central Luzon Doctor’s Hospital

Metro Manila
East Avenue Medical Center
Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center
Missionaries of Charity Brothers

Physical Therapy – General Student Policies
General Policies
  1. Retention Policies (applicable to all year levels)
    1. Failure in repeated major subjects will be disqualified from the course.
    2. Failure of 50% of the total units enrolled would be disqualified from the department.
  2. Class Attendance and Absences
    1. Each student is expected to attend his/her classes regularly and promptly.
    2. Classes missed due to enrollment or failure to report on time shall be considered absences.
    3. To earn credits for any subjects enrolled in, a student must have a passing grade and must have attended at least 80% of the total semester hours of that subject. *** The maximum number of allowed absences is as follows:
      1. Five units- 18 hours
      2. Four units- 14 hours
      3. Three units- 10 hours
      4. Two units- 7 hours
      5. One unit- 3 hours
    4. A student is considered absent if he/she is late for fifteen minutes from the start of the class session.
    5. A medical certificate duly signed by the college physician must support absences due to illness. Failure to present such certificate means un-excused. Prolonged absence due to illness shall be treated on a case to case basis.
  3. Withdrawal from the College and Release of Credentials
    1. A student who withdraws from the College may request the release of any of the following school credentials from the registrar’s office anytime except during enrollment period.
      1. Honorable dismissal
      2. Official transcript of records
      3. Certified true copy of academic records
    2. The student must first accomplish clearance and pay the corresponding fee before any school credential is released.
    3. Honorable dismissal shall be issued to student under the following conditions:
      1. The student is not liable for dismissal for disciplinary reasons.
      2. Approved by the dean.
      3. The student has paid the corresponding fee.
  4. Dropping and Changing Courses
    1. Any student who drops or changes courses without the approval of the dean shall be given F in the course dropped.
    2. The registrar and the instructor concerned shall be notified when student drops or changes courses.
    3. Dropping and changing courses during enrollment is permitted during the first two weeks of classes in any semester or within the first three days of classes during the summer on the following conditions:
      1. He/she fills up the dropping and changing form.
      2. His/her form is approved by the dean.
      3. He/She pays the corresponding fee.
Physical Therapy – Criteria for Honor Students
  1. Summa Cum Laude
    1. General weighted average of 97%
    2. No grade lower than 80%
    3. Earned all units required for graduation at Lorma Colleges
    4. Enrolled in a minimum of 15 units per semester except during second semester of fourth year.
    5. Of good moral character
  2. Magna Cum Laude
    1. General weighted average of 94%
    2. No grade lower than 80%
    3. Has residence of at least six semester immediately preceding graduation
    4. Enrolled in minimum of 15 units per semester, except for the second semester of fourth year
    5. Of good moral character
  3. Cum Laude
    1. General weighted average of 91%
    2. No grade lower than 80%
    3. Has residence of at least four semester immediately preceding graduation
    4. Enrolled in a minimum of 15 units per semester, except during the second semester of fourth year.
    5. Of good moral character
  4. Deans List
    1. General weighted average of 87%, no dropped, withdrawal and NFE, no failure
    2. No grade lower than 80%
    3. A regular student with 18 units load
Respiratory Therapy – Vision and Mission

The Respiratory Therapy Program envisions to be the gateway for premier Respiratory Therapy education, training, development and opportunity for lifelong learning.


To contribute significantly to Lorma Colleges’ mission through various educational programs that enable students to become competent and caring Respiratory Therapists who pursue lifelong learning experiences to meet changing community needs.

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