College of Radiologic Technology

The College of Radiologic Technology offers BS in Radiologic Technology.

Admission Policies:
Enrollment Requirements & Procedures:

Vision, Mission, and Objectives

A top-quality college which produces quality graduates trained according to established standards and requirements of Radiologic Technology.


To prepare students for necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for service by providing academic and clinical training in the field of Radiologic Technology, and promoting growth and development in the student as an individual and a member of the community.


The College of Radiologic Technology offers a four-year degree program that prepares and develops a student in any field of Radiologic Technology. It is offered in response to the need of the country for medical imaging technologists who are competent to deliver the full spectrum of Radiologic Technology services required in Modern Health Care.


The Radiologic Technology logo depicts a triad of symbols identifying the main tools used in this field of study.

The Xray tube found on the upper part of the emblem illustrates its use in general radiography, mammography, fluoroscopy, CT-Scan, PET-Scan and mobile radiography.

The Magnet situated on the left side compounds the utilization of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging while the Ultrasound Image on the right characterizes the scan field of the abdomen which shows the silhouette of a baby.

The wings of the caduceus is essentially a symbol of the Radiologic Technology department under the Paramedical field of study. All these icons interpret the whole role of radiology on the lives of clients as represented by the anatomical distinction of a half body, half skeleton at the center.

The center image reveals the main description of the course, the eye of the medicine.

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