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Germany Needs 200,000 Nurses until 2020 Says Labor Secretary


Filipino nurses seeking work abroad may want to consider Germany as a destination, the Department of Labor and Employment said.

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said Germany may need at least 200,000 nurses until 2020. This developed in a meeting by Baldoz with officials of Germany and the Philippine embassy there.

“I have been informed by Ms. Kea Eilers of the BA/ZAV about the World Health Organization’s and International Labor Organization’s joint Human Resource Development Technical Cooperation Program which the Philippines could tap for possible specialized training on geriatric care because we don’t have this in the Philippines due to the absence of nursing homes,” she said.

“The officials have expressed preference to hire Filipino nurses,” she added.

While in Germany, Baldoz met with German Parliamentary State Secretary Thorben Albrect and other officials to discuss the Triple Win Project under the Philippine-Germany government-to-government hiring agreement.

She also discussed with them the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Governing Board’s decision to expand the Triple Win Project to allow the participation of private recruitment agencies.

Baldoz likewise met with Philippine Embassy officials headed by Ambassador Melita Sta. Maria Thomeczek and Honorary Consul General Dr. Reinhard Zeidler.

She also attended the first meeting of the United Nations High Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth where she was one of the 25 commissioners.

Meanwhile, Baldoz met with a representative from research company Minor on its project that explored the use of digital technologies to assist in the integration of Filipino nurses and Spanish care workers in Germany.



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