Lorma is recipient to PLDT’s 1st In House NGN in Luzon

Information and Technology are both indispensable tools that command success to any Higher Education institution. This was what administrators of Lorma Colleges had in mind when it inked an agreement with Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications Inc. (PLDT), the nation’s primary provider of telecommunications solutions.

Known to be one of the most technologically advanced institute in the Region, Lorma Colleges upgrades its internet services to its maximum phase with the introduction of the first ever In House Next Generation Network Access in Luzon.

PLDT Relationship Manager for Corporate Regional Business in Northern Luzon Mr. Rex Gongora handed over the symbolic icon of NGN equipment to Lorma President Dr. Rufino Macagba Jr. during the Turnover Ceremony held last March 15, 2012 at the Audio Visual Room.

Lorma President Dr. Rufino Macagba Jr. lauds the administration’s effort in advancing the institution’s technology and improving educational services to the students. In addition, he emphasized the possibility of “3rd generation” communication which is conducting real time online lectures similar to that of the technology utilized by US based schools and universities.

Gongora also added that PLDT and Lorma Colleges’ tie up has maintained and strengthened its commitment to address modern telecommunications facilities in the field of education. He mentions that with the school’s exclusive NGN, Lorma is definitely performing above the rest.

With more than a decade of PLDT service, Lorma Colleges has continuously upgraded its internet and communications systems with the leadership of Marketing and I.T. Consultant Mr. Rufino Macagba III.

“Bringing in internet access in Lorma Colleges (before) was a challenge with issues of reliability in connection. But with 12 years of PLDT partnership, we now become the only educational institution with this In House NGN equipment – the first in Luzon and possibly in the Philippines,” Mr. Macagba said.

He further notes that the school will be feeling the advantage of this technological privilege with the presence of the fiber optic connections working inside the campus.

NGNs are normally situated externally and are shared by various establishments such as that of the NGN located in Coca-Cola Carlatan. However, with Lorma Colleges housing the NGN inside the school premises,data transfer time and access becomes faster.

The school’s bandwidth is expected to increase three times more allowing more multifunctional capabilities such as video conferencing, real time online lectures through US content service, Voice Over Internet Protocal (VOIP) providing free international calls and basically improving the online education program of the institutition.

Lorma’s newest technological acquisition, the Next Generation Network system, is currently housed in the 3rd floor Computer Building along with several DSL lines and servers used by the college in its telecommunications services.

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