LORMA still top nursing school in La Union

COMPARED TO OTHER NURSING SCHOOLS IN THE PROVINCE, Lorma Colleges once again proved to be number one producing the longest list of new registered nurses during the Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) conducted on June 2 and 3.

With 126 first takers out of 178 examinees, Lorma College of Nursing obtained a rating of 70.79%.

However, this was a rating lower than the previous year’s performance which was more than 83%. The school’s overall performance for June 2013 is pegged at 47.44% which includes re-takers.

College of Nursing Dean Ludivina Magpali says the department is glad with the turn out of the board exam.

“Although the target is supposed to be 85% with board topnotchers, we are still happy because the performance of first takers is still the highest in La Union and the overall performance (47.44%) is higher than the national passing rate (42.81%),” she says.

In addition, Dean Magpali points out that there are a higher number of board takers for this year. The exam last year was held on July and they had more time to review compared to the takers this 2013. However, board exam failures are recorded at 52 this year compared to the 33 examinees who failed last year. Most of them consisted of Octoberian graduates and repeaters.

CON prepared the examinees through competency appraisals, in-house and online reviews.

Summer reviews where examinees learned through peer groups were also conducted.

Faculty members have also provided emotional and spiritual support.

“Goal setting was done with the graduating students (Batch 2014). Of course, the expectations are always high,” says Dean Magpali.

Moreover, Daniel Matthew Delfinado and Batch 2013 cum laude Joshua Tadina rank top 11 with a rating of 84.6%.

Delfinado exclaims to just keep your interest and commitment in the preparation for the boards.

“Utilize your inspiration why you want to excel to overcome the stress of that preparation and most importantly, believe that God is with you all the way and always acknowledge His presence,” he adds. “Contented ako pero may konting panghihinayang. Thankful pero may konting feeling na pagiging sorry. I will pray for the next examinees of Lorma that God may grant them greater things,” says Tadina with only 0.2% away from being top 10.

Meanwhile, neighboring schools Union Christian College (UCC) produced 65 passers out of 140 with a 46.43% passing rate, La Finn’s Scholastica with 8 passers out of 13 (61.54%) and Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University- South La Union Campus (DMMMSU-SLUC) got 24 passers out of 34 (70.59%).

Written by Ma. Criselda G. Abrajano
From Lorma Highlights

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