Lorma Colleges launches its new website through the domain name http://lorma.edu/.

Packed with new features, new themes and new skins, the website includes the Lorma Campus Virtual tour which defines the many familiar nooks and hangouts of the students in all the buildings inside the campus. A click on the categories directs you to the areas devoted to lectures and discussions, study halls, laboratories, libraries and offices in the campus’ buildings.

The page also makes it easy for any Lormanian to smoothly go through the rudiments of online education. Quick links to LORMA MAIL (powered by Windows Live), EDU 2.0 (Lorma’s Online Learning Center), LORMA YouTube Channel, Lorma  Institute for Koreans Learning English (L.I.K.E.) and Lorma’s ACCESS (Academic Community Computerized Enrollment Systems Solutions) allow the student shortcuts to sites and pages crucial to standard class activities.

Events and announcements are posted on the flash animated section on the home page while students get juicy bits to the latest campus happenings on the school calendar. For facebook users, a like box showcases people who are fans of the Lorma Schools page @ http://www.facebook.com/LORMACOLLEGES.

Lorma current affairs are also posted on the News Pad which scrolls according to the reader’s discretion.

The Lorma Photo Gallery displays snap shots of people, places and events of the college in the past year. Anticipate that images of you and your friends may be posted on the PG and that will position you to the Lorma spotlight for a time.

Individual tabs linking to the most important details of the different departments and offices can be clicked on the COURSES and OFFICES found on the main tab. Updates on other areas like Admissions, Research, Alumni, Campus Life and Community Outreach are noted as well.

The Lorma Website is a collaborative effort of the people in the Lorma Creative Services and Marketing and Information Technology Services Department.

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