Mandarin, Korean language subjects offered in SJ campus

It’s a big cultural shift and it’s happening in Lorma San Juan.

Chinese Mandarin and Korean classes are this school year’s front row innovations as these foreign language subjects take an impressive headstart with the  graders and high school students.

Introduced on June 15, 2011 after the flag raising ceremony, the two Chinese Mandarin teachers Ms. Shi Hui Ling and Ms. Wu jin  as well as Korean consultant to Lorma Institue for Koreans learning English program (L.I.K.E.) Mr. Kwang Chun Park were received warmly by a beaming crowd of excited Lormanians.

Ms. Shi “Sherlyn” who graduated Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Heilongjiang University in China will teach the Mandarin subject to Grade 1-5 pupils while Ms. Wu “Jean”, a graduate of TCSOL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) of Jinan University, will handle Grade 6 to 4th year High School students.

Mr. Park, who has been the school’s Korean program adviser since last year, will also be teaching the basics of the Hanggul language to third and fourth year students of the Special Science High School.

Mandarin and Korean classess are schedule twice a week and are included as a mandatory elective of the basic education curriculum.

The demand for bilingual experts in many business industries and companies worldwide has been one of the many key points that Lorma Grade School and Special Science High School Principal Mrs. Elizabeth Camara has pondered on for the past three years.

Mrs. Camara mentions the global concept of “citizens” and reiterates that modern society isn’t too selective of culture or race when it comes to development. In fact, she cites that for a student to be equally at par with his contemporaries in other countries, foreign language learning is imperative.

“There is a need to learn at least one or two foreign language before college,” she said. “This is also a benchmark of the Lorma San Juan campus for the upcoming opening of the Lorma International School.”

The two Mandarin teachers are volunteers of the language program established by the Confucius Institute to promote Chinese language learning in different countries all over the world. Both had undergone a rigid testing and screening process before being sent over as qualified instructors.



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