MITS opens US Content Service to Lormanians

Despite the perks of the World Wide Web, most of us aren’t still privy to many of the western countries’ browsing capabilities. And even with Lorma placed in a technologically hyped environment with several wi-fi access points, many of us would still see ourselves, staring at our laptops and looking at the lcd with words flashing contemptuously. RESTRICTED ACCESS. Sorry our video library can only be streamed in the United States.

So yes, Filipino web browsing service is chronologically and technically classified as ancient.

But what if the tables turned and you could type in any site you’d like to visit. No holds barred. And just like any other American, you can access the web sans the restrictions? No more long hours of searching for references. No more bummed up buffering and loading of videos in host sites or in youtube. No more substandard information confinement.

This semester, Lorma has just given you the password to ‘liberally browse’ United States of America.


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