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With personalized student wellness facilitators, the Guidance and Counseling Program focuses on helping Lormanians achieve full academic potentials and positively deal with the demands in collegiate life. A thrust towards reaching career goals and develop interpersonal skills are the office’s salient aspects. Program activities emphasize learning to learn, learning to live, and learning to work.

Vision, Mission, and Objectives

We envision LORMA COLLEGES GUIDANCE OFFICE as an excellent unit in enabling individuals makes intelligent choices and adjustments to overcome their problems and difficulties.


To provide assistance to individuals meet and solve their problems by their own efforts, to make wise choices and adjustments, to achieve up to the level of their own identities, to gain personal satisfaction in as many aspects in their lives and make their maximum contributions to society.

  • To assist the student to meet and solve their personal problems as they arise; to make correct interpretation of facts and wise choices and adjustments.
  • To help the student lay a permanent foundation for sound, mature adjustment.
  • To assist the students live a well-balanced life in all aspects – physical, social, mental spiritual, emotional and moral.
Programs and Services
  • Inventory Service – to gather and record important data and information about the students through: filling up Personal Information Sheet, Testing, Anecdotal Records, Autobiographies, Interview and observations.
  • Information Service – to provide important information to students that are not ordinarily provided through instructional programs, like: How to Study Effectively, Social Graces, Love, Courtship and Marriage, Tips on Job Seeking Skills, Orientation.
  • Counseling Service – to help individuals overcome their problems and difficulties and to make appropriate actions and proper adjustments through:, Individual/Group Counseling, Conference with parents/guardians and other School Officials and Referral of students to proper authorities.
  • Placement Service – to assist students progress satisfactorily from one level to another and helping them to find their appropriate place in the world of work, through Academic Counseling, Career Guidance, Referral to school clubs/organizations.
  • Follow-up Service – to find out if students counseled have overcome their problems or still need another counseling session. Likewise, to keep track of the whereabouts of school leavers/dropouts/graduates.
  • Research and Evaluation – To provide the administration information that would help decide whether the programs should be revised, strengthened, retained or discontinued and to determined the functionality of the guidance programs.
  • Extension Service – To render free guidance services to the public/ community.

Information and Registration for:
TOEFL Internet-Based Testing (TOEFL IBT)
TOEFL Computer-Based Testing (TOEFL CBT)
TOEFL Paper-Based Testing (TOEFL PBT)
Test of Spoken English (TSE)

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