The Vision & Mission, Core Values, Credo, Objectives, and Quality Policy of Lorma Colleges


We envision Lorma Colleges as an educational institution with a global perspective– emphasizing quality, Christian values, and leadership skills relevant to national development.


Our mission is to empower students for service anywhere in the world through Christian-inspired, quality-driven, and service oriented education and training.

Core Values

LORMA COLLEGES believes and adheres with the following core values:

  • Christian Leadership
  • Academic/Work Excellence
  • Teamwork/ Solidarity and Unity
  • Social Concern (employees and others)
  • Integrity

In consonance with its vision and mission, LORMA COLLEGES adopts its own credo and it states:

  • We believe in a student-centered approach to education and management.
  • We believe in achieving a lot with limited resources, by knowing what other institutions are doing, adapting or improving and using that can be applied to the College.
  • We believe that a strong continuing faculty and staff development program in the college is a vital component of the total effort to attain the main goal of the College.
  • We believe in the stability and strength as a base for achieving quality education, relevant to national needs, and development of the total person.
  • We believe above all that giving honor and glory to God in everything we do, is most important in all official activities of the College.
  1. Provide for general and specialized educational programs that shall assist each individual to develop his skills and positive traits/values relevant to regional and national development.
  2. Train and expose the students to varied and meaningful experiences within the campus and in the community through the outreach and practicum programs.
  3. Encourage scientific campus and community studies and researches that contribute in the advancement of knowledge and in the delivery of better socioeconomic services.
  4. Upgrade the quality of teachers and students/pupils as the center of responsibility, accountability through proper hiring, relevant trainings, admission and selective admission policies.
  5. Promote a strong linkage and collaboration between and among schools and academic communities in the pursuit of quality education at all levels.
  6. Intensify an effective promotional campaign program using all media outlets and personal communications.
  7. Provide modern physical facilities, laboratories, equipment and updated library reference materials and textbooks.
Quality Policy

Leaders, teachers and personnel of LORMA COLLEGES will focus on contributing to high quality education of students in conducive and Christian atmosphere, with the aim of producing skilled, service-oriented graduates who can serve well anywhere in the world.

Special attention will be given to:

  • Honoring God in all important events of LORMA COLLEGES
  • Providing the most relevant and useful courses based on opportunities here and abroad – and our internal strengths
  • Continuous education and training of faculty and staff in providing or supporting the highest quality of education possible within the limits and capabilities of Lorma Colleges
  • A conducive campus environment with resources and activities that supports quality education and development of Christian leadership and the total person
  • Community service exposure and experience
  • Linkages with counterparts in other teaching institutions in the Philippines and abroad
  • Professional management in assessing needs, planning, organization, Christian leadership, and management control
  • Compliance to all applicable statutory and legal requirements of the business
  • Periodically review the performance of the Quality Management System
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, facilities, leaders, teachers and personnel in support of QUALITY EDUCATION.
Dr. Rufino L. Macagba Jr.
January 1, 2008

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