Fully Residential Schools International Symposium

Event: Fully Residential Schools International Symposium
Participants: 69 Senior High Schools in Malaysia and 10 schools from Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Viet
Nam, Indonesia and Philippines
Date: July 28- August 01, 2017

Venue: Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, Putrajaya, Malaysia
– Participated by one team from Lorma Colleges Senior High School and two teams from the
Special Science High School with four member for each teams.
– Lorma Basic Education Schools is the only educational institution who garnered 3 Golds in the
history of the competition.
– Marie Andersen Badua and Hanna Nicole Ramos were chosen as the team speaker who won 1 st
place during the presentation of their excursions.
– Maurin Jam Paulete Marron was chosen as the official representative of the international
delegates during the meeting with the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretary last July
31, 2017.

List of Participants:

Research Topic: Browsing the Filipino interpretation of digital volunteerism
a. Mark Israel Dechavez
b. Hanna Nicole Ramos
c. Ruth Angel Cetro
d. Chantel Kate Tejada

Research Topic: Characterization and evolution of the Filipino youth through leadership and
e. Marie Andersen Badua
f. Sebastian Andrei Frigillana
g. Leslie Bridget Anzia
h. Yuri Andrew Lubiano
Research Topic:Uplifting the BAYAN-I culture within the Filipino youth: The race towards nation building
i. John Parlo P. Rosido
j. Hermina Gabrielle D. Velasco
k. Maurin Jam Paulete D. Marron
l. Tarrenz Wyndell O. Menguita

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